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  April 24, 2014 

                 Repair Outlook Free

Repairing Microsoft Outlook and Fixing Outlook Express Problems

Microsoft Outlook stores Email Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Journals and Folders on your PC as a .pst file.  Anyone who uses MS Outlook know that the .PST file regularly and notoriously get damaged and corrupted.  A damaged .pst file usually mean loss of your e-Mail, contacts, calendar entries, notes, tasks, etc. are lost.  No problem though, not when you have Stellar Outlook PST Repair!

Stallar is the Best Program For Restoring Your MS Outlook Data!  Stellar Outlook PST Repair scans all damaged .pst files then extracts and restores that information into new usable .pst files - enabling complete and total data recovery.

How Damaged .pst Files Cause Problems For Your PC?  Damaged .pst files (Personal Storage Files) from your MS Outlook Email Messages, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Journals and Folders can result in scores of important data being lost - data that's important to both your business and your personal life... Information you need to have back.

A Powerful Suite Of Features:

  • Recovers emails, calendar entries, contacts, notes and journals from damaged PST files
  • Repairs password protected files
  • Restores Text, RTF and HTML messages
  • Recovers from encrypted files
  • Repairs .pst files larger than 2GB
  • Recovers deleted emails
  • Creates unique profiles for individual PST files
  • Exports recovered files automatically to Microsoft Outlook
  • Includes a Live Update option to constantly update the software with the latest version
  • Supports MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 & 2010

Smart computer users prepare themselves for Microsoft Outlook crashes - download and install eStellar Outlook PST Repair NOW!

Outlook Repair + Outlook Recovery  

Outlook Express Repair - More Information

Free Outlook Repair Information

The Microsoft Outlook Express email database file sometimes can get corrupted or damaged.  If the .DBX file is corrupted, all your email messages are lost.  This corruption can be the result of  a computer virus, a email database compacting error, hard disk problems, etc.  Regardless of the cause, a corrupted Microsoft Outlook Express .DBX file will result in lost e-mail.  Thankfully, this is not a problem if you have reliable recovery software for MS Outlook Express.

Stellar Outlook Express Recovery scans damaged and corrupted Outlook Express .dbx e-mail files, then extracts and recovers the e-mail information into new usable .dbx or .eml files, so providing complete and total Outlook data recovery.

Repair, Recover and Restore Outlook Express eMail

Stellar Outlook Express Repair quickly recovers, totally repairs and restores your email. So rest easy... with this program, you'll get your lost Outlook Express data back, and fast!

Easy Outlook Express File Repair and Recovery

Computer database repair and recovery programs can be complex and intimidating.  Stellar Outlook Express Recovery is very easy to use: start the program, choose the .DBX file you want to repair (or let the Outlook Express Recovery Software automatically locate the file for you), select the destination file for the recovered database and click to restore.  Within minutes, your email will be recovered.

Repair, Recover and Restore Deleted Files

Free File Repair Information

Apart from Outlook Express files, there are many other files, documents, pictures, etc . that can be accidentally deleted, corrupted or even lost on a computer.  Pareto Logic Backup and Recover Deleted Files is a quick and easy fix for this.

Microsoft Outlook News

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